Our services

As experts, squads of experts or coaches, we can take care of your projects and teams on all technical aspects. Our cooperators are part of our large tech community, they use to share with their pairs very often, and they can rely on them easily, that's why they're more efficient ; they have time for themselves, which is why their motivation is huge

Our expertises


Javascript (React, Angular…), HTML, CSS


Node, .NET, Java


iOS, Android, ReactNative, IONIC, Kotlin


Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Spark


Smart Contracts

Intelligence Artificielle

Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Our services


Integrated to our customer's teams

They masterize a wide set of technologies and methodologies, and put their abilities at the service of your teams


Designed for a project, directly operational

3 to 7 experts, with complementary skills and sharing the same aspirations. They are immediately operational and able to implement your business needs with cutting edge technologies


Coaching of our customer's teams

In order to train and guide your teams, but also spread good practices, with the objective that your teams will get autonomous quickly


Personal training of our customers' cooperators

The objective : help them to improve on new skills, technologies and methodologies, and become Tech Leaders or Tech Coaches, thanks to pairing and dedicated workshops