For developers who want to work with cutting-edge technologies.

What's WeSquad ?

WeSquad is a tech community of developers and technical coaches, passionate by Software Craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies.
Definitely human centric, WeSquad helps its members to grow, learn, discover and experiment

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WeSquad, for whom ?



Cobuilt by developers, for developers. It's a people-centric community, where members wellbeing is the main concern, and dedicated to continuous learning of new technologies and methodologies

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WeSquad is the incarnation of a new way of working : not only experts, but also squads and coaches. Not only hard skills, but also soft skills, totally aligned with Agile, Software Craftsmanship and DevOps.

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WeSquad, why ?

Our mission : we observe that we, developers, have an unlimited amount of projects at our disposal, but paradoxically only few of us are happy with their professional life. Isolated, without real progression, not enough time for ourselves...
WeSquad intend to propose alternatives to developers in order to maximize their wellbeing

Our vision : we believe people won't work the same way in 15 years from now. We intend to build this new way of Continuous training, small squads of developers who chose to work together as a team, time dedicated to sharing, new technologies, small projects which become successful startups


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